Sunday, April 2, 2017

New Wool Applique Wall Hanging Across the Pond Waterlilies Dragonflys & More

One of my favorite things is to visit a pond and view the different types of plants and little creatures that make up the pond community. To hear the peepers in early spring is just one of the best sounds ever. This new design was a inspired by years of walks and quiet time by the pond..or back bays of a lake. Many years ago I painted a series of pond lily's and pads in watercolors. These paintings are displayed in my home, they are so serene, so I decided to take the theme to wool applique...and I hope you enjoy. 

Across the pond was created in three panels to give it a more painting like look and could easily be framed. A fabulous new project to start the upcoming spring and summer months with the beauty of nature under the needle. It reflects quiet time by the waters edge, or maybe by a garden pond in your backyard. Yes, nestled between the Cattails are small creatures that include Dragonfly's, a Frog and a Turtle to delight the nature lovers. Though done as a night scene, can easily be converted to day or early evening with different color background.

It was created with rich marbled hand dyed and textured wool. We used Valdani Threads throughout the project..great up-sell to your customers.

Below are links to the stores that are carrying this pattern...visit them in person or online to order your pattern today. If you do not find the pattern on their website...just give them a call.

Please remember to respect the designer, all photos and designs are copyrighted by Crane Design by Jan Mott 2017.

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