Monday, November 7, 2016

New Wool Applique Pattern Winter Haven Country Barn & Sheep

Winter Haven was inspired by the glow of the full moon when driving through the country side one nite. The snow just sparkled under the moon light, the sky was so clear you could see wonderful old barns and farm animals huddled together to keep warm. The snowy landscape was sparkling from the glow of the moon. This peaceful scene will keep your fingers busy stitchen in the cold nites to come. Perfect to display the first snowflake falls to late winter.

The combination of fabulous wools are set off with a beautiful palette of Valdani Threads. This pattern retails for $11.00 plus shipping where applicable. 

Below are links to the stores that are carrying this pattern...visit them in person or online to order your pattern today. If you do not find the pattern on their website...just give them a call.

Fully Wooly-Canada

Please respect the designer as the design and photo in this feature are copyrighted.


  1. See the list above any of these stores can assist you in purchasing the pattern/


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