Monday, November 21, 2016

New Wool Applique Hexagon Snowflake Centerpiece Mat

Bring inside the beauty of delicate Snowflakes for a celebration of Winter. This piece was done with applique and easy embroidery stitching accents. It can be done in a array of colors from solids to textures to plaids. Just a timeless piece to adorn your d├ęcor all winter long.

The combination of fabulous wools are set off with beautiful decorative stitching using basic French or Colonial Knots combined with the Lazy Daisy stitch. This pattern retails for $11.00 plus shipping where applicable. 

Below are links to the stores that are carrying this pattern...visit them in person or online to order your pattern today. If you do not find the pattern on their website...just give them a call.

Please respect the designer as the design and photo in this feature are copyrighted.

Close up of Center Hexie Stitchen

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