Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Changing the Color Palette Punchneedle Patterns

I am thrilled to share with you how Kathy the owner of Wool and Goods, LLC of Rollingsford,  NH change the color palette of 3 of my punchneedle patterns

...I just love them!!!!

As a designer I am always encouraging fellow stitcher's to change suggested colors in one of my patterns to make it their very own. Below are photos of the original pattern that I worked on the left and on the right how Kathy changed it up...

 The first sample Kathy created..."Parchment Petals" the brighter colors taking the piece from fall tones to spring tones. Finished with a matching frame.
The second sample is "Goldfinch and Thistles" Oh, just love the blue variegated colors in the background with the rose color thistles....

The final sample Kathy created was "Bleeding Heart Blush". I designed it as a small pillow, Kathy framed it with hand dyed yarn around the outside..just a little different twist.

 I hope these three samples will encourage you the next time when you select our your next project to try something different, maybe different colors or how you present the finial piece.


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