Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two Ole Country Crows New 2014 Punchneedle Pattern

"Two Ole Country Crows"
Though you see Crows all year around..I just love watching them in the winter, they are so striking against the snow.  Did you know they are family oriented. Mom and Dad mate for life and even after the offspring are mature that stay together as a family. It has been said, the offspring will help Ma and Pa Crow with other new siblings in the nest.
This new punchneedle design makes me smile, I just wonder what they are talking about..maybe the grandkids or where the next field of Sunflowers are for good eats.
This piece was created in Valdani variegated 3 stand thread. To display my design work I placed it on a wood box that was distressed and finished with a mustard milk paint. Perfect to recipe cards or a small stash of sewing items.
You may purchase this pattern at many of the fine shops listed in my blog.
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