Sunday, September 1, 2013

Song Bird Punchneedle Collection

It has been a busy summer punching and stitching. We are thrilled to be offering our latest Punchneedle Collection. The theme is my favorite...sweet little Song Birds. We have mounted them on primmie wood paddles, that my beloved made for me. Each pattern includes the template to make your own paddle..or maybe put on the Honey Dew list.
The Series includes:
  • Fall Sunflower Songs
  • Winter Snow Tunes
  • Spring Blud Bird Melody
  • Summer Patriotic Ballads

All are done using 3 Strand Valdani Cotton Balls with accents of DMC. What a wonderful set to get for yourself or a gift for a friend. These patterns maybe be purchased from the fine stores listed on our blog.

Gentle Reminder: Please respect the designer....All patterns and photos on this blog are copyrighted.

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