Sunday, June 30, 2013

Walk through the Garden

Dilly Farms Gardens
I took a break yesterday from stitching, knowing the weeds were over taking the garden. To avoid weeding I took a stroll and decided to take some photos. It was just a beautiful rain, nice and breezy. I even had some of my furry friends that came along.

This is just a small view of the entire garden...stone paths layed by my Beloved, that meander through out the gardens. It really is full and lush this year from all the rain.
Miss Ribbons
"Mom" Look what I found!!!!

The clematis is just in full bloom..might be an interesting subject for a pattern down the line.
Mr Newton
"Yea, were here to weed..I found plenty for you to do Mom"
The hostas are huge this year...this is one of my favorites it is called Stain Glass
So many of my hosta's are getting chewed up..just maybe I found the source of the trouble.

Ms Sofie
Our newest addition to the farm..she just showed up a few weeks ago. Why do people just drop thier cats in the country and think that is ok? She is adjusting and making new friends. Did I mention I believe she is with children...probably in 9 weeks there will be more kitties at the farm. Oh, Joy!!!
Of course she pointed out more weeds to pull.
What is more beautiful? The delicate flowers or???

...or the lushes leaves...I think I like the leaves the best!!
Ms Ginger
"Here is more weeds Mom...get to weeding, I need to take a nap!!!!"
The last of June Flowers " Perennial Bachelor Buttons " The garden a few weeks ago was just a blaze of blue with oriental irris and the Bachelor Buttons.
Welcome Summer with cheerful " Evening Primrose"
Our Garden Protector, hope you enjoyed a stroll though the garden. Off to weeding.

Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 NYS Row by Row Shop Hop starting July 1

New York State is having a statewide Row by Row Shop Hop...over 75 shops are participating July 1st through the end of August.

It is a fun event, each of the participating shops offer a free pattern that can be used in a row style quilt. See the Row by Row Facebook page for more details. Here is a link for a printable list of all the shops that are participating in the event.

Below is friend Peggy's pattern from the "Quilted Crow" in Harpursville NY. I just love the Crow ready to take a bite from the pie. This pattern could be part of your Row by Row quilt and or as a table mat or wall hanging. She has kits available already to go starting July 1st.

Her quaint Cabin in the Woods shop is filled with great Civil War Reproduction and other top designer fabric lines. Plus lots of Wool and patterns. She is also been showcasing some of her new patterns on her blog that come in kit form.

Oh, did I mention...Peg carries the complete line of my patterns "Crane Designs" and has all my samples on display through the end of summer. So, I hope you stop in to visit her.

"Best at the County Fair"
Designed & Quilted by Peg Springstead & Jan Mott

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Autumn Harvest Table Wool Applique Table Runner


"Autumn Splendor"
Wool Applique Table Runner 12" by 36"

It is a cold spring day and my thoughts have turn to Fall, Nesting and Decorating the big ole harvest table. Though it is done with a lovely ivory color wool background it would be fabulous with a rich  black or rich brown wool background.
You may purchase this pattern from the fine shops listed in my blog.

Be sure to visit the fine shops listed in this blog to purchase this pattern

Gentle Reminder...all patterns and photos are copyrighted in this blog,

please respect the Designer


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