Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 3

Ah, spring is here, a morning of spending time in the garden.  My bones are aching, but the garden is getting cleaned...there is some showing of plants starting to sprout.

Today's treasure ...hidden under some leaves was a was two lovely little faces looking up at me...Johnny Jump-Ups.

Wise Johnny
Little Johnny Jump-up said,
“It must be spring,
I just saw a lady-bug
And heard a robin sing.”

- Edwina Fallis.

Gardening Notes:
Johnny Jump-ups -Viola tricolor, known as Heartsease, a short lived perennial, propagated by self seeding. It was and is therefore sometimes called Wild Pansy; before the cultivated Pansies were developed, "Pansy" was an alternative name for the wild form.

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