Monday, March 19, 2012

Wool Applique Crow & Candlemats BOM

Crow for all Seasons is a fun
Wool Applique Project of the Month Program.
It comes with 13 patterns one for each month
and a starter pattern to make your wool Crow.
 Each month includes a candle mat and accessories for your crow. 
 How much fun is that.


          Shop owners a great program to run classes or even have a club.

All the accessories are made of wool,
and come complete with illustrated instructions.
You will make jointed Rabbits & Squirrels
to toy drums to picnic basket filled with baby crows, to flying bees
to witchy brooms, to fun hats to nosegays with delicate flowers.

Some of the fine shops that are carrying this program are 
More shops coming..just email me to find a shop near you!


  1. Hi Jan - Missy, you have outdone yourself with this monthly program of crows. Your creativity is genius. These should catch on quite quickly.
    I "caw" your pattern line outstanding.

    Hugs - Valerie

  2. Hi there! I have been searching forever for the pattern for "Karl Crow" (specifically the fishing one) and also for "Crow for all Seasons".... No one so far has either one. I'm almost desperate! I have searched almost all of upstate NY and the Adirondacks for these to no avail! Help! Thank you in advance!

    1. contact me at can help you out. jan

  3. Replies
    1. if your interested in the entire set of patterns contact me at jan


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