Monday, March 19, 2012

Wool Applique Crow & Candlemats BOM

Crow for all Seasons is a fun
Wool Applique Project of the Month Program.
It comes with 13 patterns one for each month
and a starter pattern to make your wool Crow.
 Each month includes a candle mat and accessories for your crow. 
 How much fun is that.


          Shop owners a great program to run classes or even have a club.

All the accessories are made of wool,
and come complete with illustrated instructions.
You will make jointed Rabbits & Squirrels
to toy drums to picnic basket filled with baby crows, to flying bees
to witchy brooms, to fun hats to nosegays with delicate flowers.

Some of the fine shops that are carrying this program are 
More shops coming..just email me to find a shop near you!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 3

Ah, spring is here, a morning of spending time in the garden.  My bones are aching, but the garden is getting cleaned...there is some showing of plants starting to sprout.

Today's treasure ...hidden under some leaves was a was two lovely little faces looking up at me...Johnny Jump-Ups.

Wise Johnny
Little Johnny Jump-up said,
“It must be spring,
I just saw a lady-bug
And heard a robin sing.”

- Edwina Fallis.

Gardening Notes:
Johnny Jump-ups -Viola tricolor, known as Heartsease, a short lived perennial, propagated by self seeding. It was and is therefore sometimes called Wild Pansy; before the cultivated Pansies were developed, "Pansy" was an alternative name for the wild form.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 2

Meet my gardening helpers..they were busy today lounging around on the stones while I was busy cleaning..some of the winter mess. The garden is a hub of activity with these fine felines. Crackers on the left, thinks that hiding go seeks is the best summer activity. MoMo just loves to sit on the horse head rock and watch for everything that moves, then pounces. On the right is Coalie..he is my baby, 14 years old and as regal as can be. 

I garden find today was that the Heather is starting to bloom..spring is in the air.  Just love the soft pink and green hues...might have to do my next stitchen project with these colors.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 1

Spring is here for now!!!!Since so many of my designs are from my Garden I have decided to keep a journal of the seasons. I am keeping a photo journal so I have a reference to look for new designs.

Today's find  was these charming snow drops....just peeking out of the leaves, enjoying the unseasonal weather of yes, 65 degrees.  I just love my garden it is filled with so many memories, These little bulbs came from my friend Pat..this little spot in the garden is now named Patty's Corner.

Gardening Notes: Snow Drops Galanthus (Snowdrop; Greek gála "milk", ánthos "flower"). Perennial, Bulb. Propagation is by offset bulbs, either by careful division of clumps in full growth ("in the green"), or removed when the plants are dormant, immediately after the leaves have withered; or by seeds sown either when ripe, or in spring.  Most flower in winter, before the vernal equinox (20 or 21 March in the Northern Hemisphere).

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Wool Applique Runner Grandma's Garden

We had a nasty week last week with snow and it seemed like the perfect time to do some stitchen. Of course I had no idea what I wanted to do so I searched though my computer files for old drawings..and Grandma's Garden appeared. With a little tweaking I finished up the drawing and was ready to search my stash for the perfect colors. It was a good day I found the original piece of a plummy purple hand dyed that I had bought over a year ago with this piece in mind.

It reminds me so of my Grammie, she always loved the lavender hues...hence this piece is dedicated to her. She would have loved it..she was always stitchin. As a kid I had wonderful doll clothes she made from velvet coats for my Tiny Tears,  to lacy dressed doll in town.

Though I love the colors..when I finished I thought it would be great with red flowers..So my challenge for you, is for the first person to send me a photo of this piece in a different color scheme will win a free Wool or Punchneedle Pattern. To purchase this pattern check out the many fine shops listed that carry my patterns. I will post the winning photo on my blog for everyone to see.

I just finished this afternoon picking out wool for a new project...I can't wait to start it.

Have a Happy Stitchin day. jan

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