Monday, January 9, 2012

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Right after the holidays my mind turns counting the days to spring and getting to play in the dirt. I know it is months away, many snowflakes in between.
But...the seed catalogs are coming in the mail everyday.  I just can't stop my mind of planning new gardens, and of course new stone work projects for my beloved to work on.

So, to get some control I decided to work on a gardening wool project after a walk though my garden area. I even saw a family of crows eating some of the holiday nut roll that I tossed out for them. After all they need a treat too!  My mind started to spin what do Crows like...they love berries and sunflowers. So I decided to do a tribute to their likes and worked up a Wool Crazy Quilt Bag. I still didn't have my gardens fever under control, so I started to dream about adding a picket fence in my new garden plan, and could just see sunflowers as the focal point in front. So out came the wool and the sunflower bag was created. I hope you like the new Crow in the Garden Pattern that features two ditty bags that can have longer straps and be used as a little fun over the shoulder bag, when you go to market.

I am please to announce that the second punchneedle pattern in My Backyard Series is ready for release. We had small snow fall and I went out armed with my camera and captured this wonderful scene with two Chickadees nestled against the snow in the mistletoe. This piece is a tribute to my she was the one to spend hours with me as kid teaching me about the different birds that came to the feeder.
Just a  hint.. the next feature in this series is a bird that changes color with the be released early to mid March. 

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  1. I like where you are going with the crows. The ditty bag is marvelous and I believe your March release will delight all. Also, a nice memory of your mom and birds....thanks for sharing.


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