Friday, November 16, 2012

Chickadee Wonderland Wool Applique Penny Rug Candlemat

New "Chickadee Wonderland" Wool Applique Table Runner Pattern

This is one of my favorite gives me so much joy to see the Chickadees out at the feeder. On those cold winter days that look all cozy with their feathers all plumped out, enjoying a of tasty seeds and even a little suet from the butcher.  They always outsmart my cats and fly off to the big ole pine tree. I could just sit for hours and watch this fine little feathered friends. I was truly inspired when I designed this piece from the drawing board to the last stitch.

This is perfect to used a a candle mat or a small table runner. It measures 10.5 by 21".

Top Requested 2011 pattern from Crane Design

Black Capped Chickadee Punchneedle Pattern
Released in January 2011

This puncheedle is just a perfect companion piece to the Chickadee Wonderland Applique Piece.  

To purchase this patterns see the Quilt shops listed on my blog.

Journey of the Heart Wool Applique Candle Mat & Coasters

New  "Journey of the Heart" Wool Applique Penny Rug
Candlemat and Matching Coasters Pattern

I just received these rich Weeks Dye Works Merlot Hand Dyed Wool in the mail and was compelled to work on a new was so much fun. To give the piece dimension I used a combination of houndstooth and solid wools. I couldn't stop, so the pattern comes with coasters. Wouldn't it be great as a center piece for Valentine's, or a anniversary with a nice glass of bubbly for two or maybe more if you want to share your time with that special someone.

These patterns can be purchased at the shops listed on the left of my blog

Cabin the Woods Applique & Pucheedle Patterns

New   "Cabin in the Woods" Puncheedle Pattern 
This new puncheedle pattern was inspired by my favorite local quilt shop Quilted Crow. The shop has just the perfect setting a quaint log cabin nestled in the woods. The puncheedle is 3 1/2 inches square and attached to a little wool pillow. Just perfect for the mantel. This cozy piece is just perfect to display all winter long.

New   "Cabin in the Woods" Quilted Applique
This folk art piece is a compainion pattern to the above punchneedle. It is done in cottons and was machine quilted by my friend Peg. It is perfect for a wall hangig or pillow top. It measures 18.5" inches square. Last week we had a punchneedle workshop featuring this pattern...the gals just love it! If you live near Binghamton the Quilted Crow for our next punchneedle class at 607-648-8956 in January.

These patterns can be purchased at the shops listed on the left of my blog.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bittersweet Days Wool Applique Tablemat & Twig Bag

New 2012 Release
Bittersweet Days Wool Applique Collection
Tablemat & Twig Bag
Mat Finished size is 22" by 22"
Bag Finished size 5" by 10"

Bittersweet Days collection is two patterns in one for your applique fun. First there is a twig bag adorned with a spray of Bittersweet Flowers. The bag is top with a scalloped band accented with small Penny's. Hang your finish piece filled with dried flowers or twigs on a door or off a shelf. Complete the look with a large 22" candle or table mat surrounded by a applique wreath of Bittersweet. Just a perfect collection in time for fall decorating.
See our fine list of retailers to order this pattern today!

Simply Flowers & Berries Wool Applique Penny Rug Mat

New 2012 Release
Simply Flowers and Berries
Applique Candlemat
Finished size is 16" by 16"

Oh, I just love old quilts, this piece is an inspiration from one of my Great Grandma's. The center is a applique quilt block that will easily hold a 5 inch round candle in the center. The outside edge is penny rug flowers with berries. Though this piece is just perfect for fall with blues and would be great in lots of other color schemes, just let your imagination go wild.
See our fine list of retailers to order this pattern today!

Partridge in a Pear Tree Wool Applique Christmas Wall Hanging

New 2012 Release
Partridge in a Pear Tree
Wool Applique Wallhanging
Finished size is 11.5" by 22"
Celebrate the holiday with this classic folk art Wool Applique Wallhanging. This piece was done in lush hand dyed wools with accents of houndstooth on the Partridges feathers. A great piece that can be displayed all year round.
See our fine list of retailers to order this pattern today

Scary Cat Punchneedle Halloween Treat or Ditty Bag

New 2012 Release
Scary Cat Punchneedle Halloween Treat Bag
Finished size is 4.5" by 6.5"

Oh Scary Cat..what kind of treats will you bring this Halloween? This is a fun punchneedle patter perfect for every level of punchneedle stitcher. Learn new techniques on how to make Scary's whiskers. It was punched with 2 & 3 strands of floss. We attached the punchneedle cover to a wool bag with a ribbon handle. The pattern comes printed on weavers cloth and complete instruction on how to make the bag.
See our fine list of retailers to order this pattern today.

Juggling the Stars with Santa Punchneedle Pattern

New 2012 Release
Juggling the Stars with Santa
Finished size is 5.5" by 5.5"

Get a jump start on the holidays by making this fun Santa Punchneedle. It was punched with 2 & 3 strands of floss. We attached it to a little wool pillow, but it would a great on a box or even frame.
See our fine list of retailers to order this pattern today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Winners of the Wool Applique Challenge


to Hannnah and Jill for entering the Wool Applique Challenge for a Free Grandma Garden Pattern.

Please send me your address and we will get your pattern right out...happy stitchen
...jan of Crane Design
email address

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Congratulations to Quilted Crow and The Hen House on Published Fall Applique designs

Check out the Fall Issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects for two new great design projects by my friends. Peg of Quilted Crow and Nancy of the Hen House. Peg's project is a combination of quilting and applique...a warm and inviting piece to add to your home this fall. Nancy's is a delightful wool applique pin cushion with yes, even a needlekeep. Both projects will add warm and pure pleasure to your fall stitchen.

You can purchase the magazine and/or the kits from these two great designers by clicking on the link above or giving them a call.
Congrat's gals on your special feature.

Just a quick note..these ladies also carry my Wool Applique and Punchneedle Patterns by Jan of Crane Design.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Wool Applique Pattern Challenge & More

I am please to share with you that something fun is happening at the The Wool Lady in Temecula CA. Ruth Molina, the shop owner has put out a challenge to her customers to take one of my patterns, Grandma's Garden and to develop there own color palette. How cool is that...she is offering Free Patterns to the first 4 participates that take the challenge. She started this challenge just a week or so ago and already has an entry.

I will be featuring photos of the entries as they come will be so much fun to see how this pattern can be transformed with different colors..

                 Color Selection & Stitched by Karin Baliani of California

You too can win a free Grandma's Garden applique pattern from Crane Design, by leaving a comment below. A random drawing of all comments will held on July 31st and the lucky winner will be announced on August 1st.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wool Applique Crow & Candlemats BOM

Crow for all Seasons is a fun
Wool Applique Project of the Month Program.
It comes with 13 patterns one for each month
and a starter pattern to make your wool Crow.
 Each month includes a candle mat and accessories for your crow. 
 How much fun is that.


          Shop owners a great program to run classes or even have a club.

All the accessories are made of wool,
and come complete with illustrated instructions.
You will make jointed Rabbits & Squirrels
to toy drums to picnic basket filled with baby crows, to flying bees
to witchy brooms, to fun hats to nosegays with delicate flowers.

Some of the fine shops that are carrying this program are 
More shops coming..just email me to find a shop near you!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 3

Ah, spring is here, a morning of spending time in the garden.  My bones are aching, but the garden is getting cleaned...there is some showing of plants starting to sprout.

Today's treasure ...hidden under some leaves was a was two lovely little faces looking up at me...Johnny Jump-Ups.

Wise Johnny
Little Johnny Jump-up said,
“It must be spring,
I just saw a lady-bug
And heard a robin sing.”

- Edwina Fallis.

Gardening Notes:
Johnny Jump-ups -Viola tricolor, known as Heartsease, a short lived perennial, propagated by self seeding. It was and is therefore sometimes called Wild Pansy; before the cultivated Pansies were developed, "Pansy" was an alternative name for the wild form.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 2

Meet my gardening helpers..they were busy today lounging around on the stones while I was busy cleaning..some of the winter mess. The garden is a hub of activity with these fine felines. Crackers on the left, thinks that hiding go seeks is the best summer activity. MoMo just loves to sit on the horse head rock and watch for everything that moves, then pounces. On the right is Coalie..he is my baby, 14 years old and as regal as can be. 

I garden find today was that the Heather is starting to bloom..spring is in the air.  Just love the soft pink and green hues...might have to do my next stitchen project with these colors.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gardeners Journal Day 1

Spring is here for now!!!!Since so many of my designs are from my Garden I have decided to keep a journal of the seasons. I am keeping a photo journal so I have a reference to look for new designs.

Today's find  was these charming snow drops....just peeking out of the leaves, enjoying the unseasonal weather of yes, 65 degrees.  I just love my garden it is filled with so many memories, These little bulbs came from my friend Pat..this little spot in the garden is now named Patty's Corner.

Gardening Notes: Snow Drops Galanthus (Snowdrop; Greek gála "milk", ánthos "flower"). Perennial, Bulb. Propagation is by offset bulbs, either by careful division of clumps in full growth ("in the green"), or removed when the plants are dormant, immediately after the leaves have withered; or by seeds sown either when ripe, or in spring.  Most flower in winter, before the vernal equinox (20 or 21 March in the Northern Hemisphere).

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Wool Applique Runner Grandma's Garden

We had a nasty week last week with snow and it seemed like the perfect time to do some stitchen. Of course I had no idea what I wanted to do so I searched though my computer files for old drawings..and Grandma's Garden appeared. With a little tweaking I finished up the drawing and was ready to search my stash for the perfect colors. It was a good day I found the original piece of a plummy purple hand dyed that I had bought over a year ago with this piece in mind.

It reminds me so of my Grammie, she always loved the lavender hues...hence this piece is dedicated to her. She would have loved it..she was always stitchin. As a kid I had wonderful doll clothes she made from velvet coats for my Tiny Tears,  to lacy dressed doll in town.

Though I love the colors..when I finished I thought it would be great with red flowers..So my challenge for you, is for the first person to send me a photo of this piece in a different color scheme will win a free Wool or Punchneedle Pattern. To purchase this pattern check out the many fine shops listed that carry my patterns. I will post the winning photo on my blog for everyone to see.

I just finished this afternoon picking out wool for a new project...I can't wait to start it.

Have a Happy Stitchin day. jan

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gardening to do list......

The thoughts of gardening is taking over my mind..and the list just gets longer every day. I remembered a few weeks ago that the coneflowers are getting out of control..I must dig some up, give to friends or find somewhere else to plant them. I would never think of just tossing them They just spread like wild fire and are out of control.

Last fall I was recouping from surgery and never got to cut them down..well, I know this year there will be thousands of seeds will be sprouting. They are topping the list of gardening to do's.

You might ask where is this rambling headed..well, I went to bed and had a dreaming of the spring tasks ahead...and came up with my lastest punchneedle design "Cone Flower Gardens". I couldn't stop with just the scissor case..but had to design a needlecase to make it a set. Love the mocha background against the pink flowers.  I have combined the punchneedle toppers with wool backers..just a rich combination..I hope you like!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feburary New Wool & Punchneedle Pattern Releases

I am a little late this month with new releases, just don't know where the month of January went by. The first the new patterns is
Fishing Adventures of Karl Crow
...a wool applique pattern with three patterns in one.

This pattern includes everything from the mat pattern (12" by 17") to making Karl a soft sculpture in wool to how to construct the base to his darling little accessories. He has his own fishing pole, complete with a little wool fish, an old fashion hat with a feather, a Creel. Finally a string of fish from his beak. So easy and so much fun to make.

It was so exciting doing this new design. I used a new collection of wool and experimented in using primarily houndstooth overdyes throughout. I just love the water it is a gray/lavender called gunmetal from Weeks Dye Works. 

My mind was spinning when I created Karl, thinking wouldn't be adorable done in a Gardening or in a Quilting theme? So off I went to make some rough drawings. So expect in the next month or so more of Adventures of Karl and his wife Karla.

Lakeside Cottage
...a wool applique table runner
I loved the Karl's mat so much, that I decided it would be a prefect table runner for a rustic cabin decor. So out came the pattern pieces again and I made it into a table runner that measures 12" by 24". It is now available in pattern. You tell me..should it have a few stars added along the sides? This piece is now sitting in my beloveds man cave with his fishing collection of ole poles, lures and prints. He really wanted Karl, but he is on display at the Quilted Crow in Harpursville NY for now. Patience dear..he will come home soon. LOL

In January I was going though some of my favorite antique children's books and came across a wonderful illustrated Easter book of bunnies and chicks. It touched off a memory of when I was working on the Jellybean Adventures punchneedle pattern, last year with a bunny racing though the night on a carrot with Jelly Beans falling down around him. Needless to say, it was 1 am and I fell asleep dreaming of Jelly Beans..a sure sign of a sugaraholic. When woke up it was raining jelly beans. Hence my newest punchneedle design. Jellybean Adventures II. Now it is 4am and I am sketching like a mad woman umbrellas with baby rabbits in an egg cart..being pulled along by Momma in her Easter finery. So that is the sweet tale of my newest release.

Just in case you missed last years release here is the original Jelly Bean Adventure, still our favorite shops to get you pattern today or email me to direct you to a store that you can order it online.

New Release- Jellybean Adventures II
6 inch in diameter Punchneedle

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Right after the holidays my mind turns counting the days to spring and getting to play in the dirt. I know it is months away, many snowflakes in between.
But...the seed catalogs are coming in the mail everyday.  I just can't stop my mind of planning new gardens, and of course new stone work projects for my beloved to work on.

So, to get some control I decided to work on a gardening wool project after a walk though my garden area. I even saw a family of crows eating some of the holiday nut roll that I tossed out for them. After all they need a treat too!  My mind started to spin what do Crows like...they love berries and sunflowers. So I decided to do a tribute to their likes and worked up a Wool Crazy Quilt Bag. I still didn't have my gardens fever under control, so I started to dream about adding a picket fence in my new garden plan, and could just see sunflowers as the focal point in front. So out came the wool and the sunflower bag was created. I hope you like the new Crow in the Garden Pattern that features two ditty bags that can have longer straps and be used as a little fun over the shoulder bag, when you go to market.

I am please to announce that the second punchneedle pattern in My Backyard Series is ready for release. We had small snow fall and I went out armed with my camera and captured this wonderful scene with two Chickadees nestled against the snow in the mistletoe. This piece is a tribute to my she was the one to spend hours with me as kid teaching me about the different birds that came to the feeder.
Just a  hint.. the next feature in this series is a bird that changes color with the be released early to mid March. 

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