Saturday, December 10, 2011

This charming little Ditty Bag Pouch is just a perfect Winter Stitching Project. This little Forever Love Bag is just perfect to give for a Valentine gift with a small gift tucked inside. The front of the bag is Punchneedle adorned with small antique Mother of Pearl Buttons in the punched pennies. It has a wool backer and piped edges around the sides. It is finished with a braided rope handle. Yes, it is even lined. I can just see it sitting in a display of wonderful ole antiques with maybe an cherished hankie from Great Gramma.

Here are some other fun Valentine Projects......

New Wool Applique Pattern
Blue Birds in the Garden of Hearts
Candle Mat 16" by 15.5"

Ring of Hearts Wool Applique
Candle Mat 9.5" by 9.5" 

Bleeding Heart Blush Punchneedle

Love Birds Punchneedle

Sheep in the Meadow Punchneedle

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is one of my favorite Punchneedle is the first in a series of My Backyard titled "Downy Woodpecker".  We have an old tree that for sure should be cut down..but when spring comes this wonderful vine appears and over the years has just covered the tall 2 story stump. It is a wonderful backdrop for my garden. Then fall comes and it turns to rich reds and oranges..just a focal point, that I can't seem to let go. To my surprise this fall a Downy Woodpecker was chipping away at the old tree..hence my inspiration for this piece.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It is all about Keeping Cozy on a Wintery Day

It is gathering time in the Northeast..the Rose Hips are almost ready to be picked and dried. They add so much to a small twig basket or nestled in greens over the mantle. I always forget to pick them early December and all my feathery friends have gotten the best. So I have marked my calendar and I will be off to collect a basket full, for the decorating this winter.

Here is two of the latest Snow Folk Wool Applique Patterns. The first patterns is a 17" long runner or candlemat with a corrdinating Twig Bag or Ditty Bag. It is made with solid & textured wools. It is called Krispy Snow Days complete with some delicate embroidered snowflakes. After finishing this piece in a soft beige with chocolate accents..I thought how pretty this piece would be done in blue anyone up to the challenge?

One of my favoirte projects yes, it is Scrappy Snowman & Co..a new pattern release. This patterns includes a 25" long Wallhanging pattern and yes, it includes a twig bag or ditty much fun! Ever wonder what you are going to do with all that wool you have stashed away? Well, this is a great project to use some of those piece up. Be sure to visit one of our fine shops listed in the blog for this pattern and other patterns we offer. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebration of Snowfolks

I have to let you in on a little secret, but don't tell anyone...I don't really like snowman. Since I started making patterns I have done everything to avoid designing pieces with "snow folks". I even went as far as doing a Snow Kitty Wool Applique piece that yes, is featured on my blog. That wasn't enough,  I was told by my friend, Peg at the Quilted Crow.

It my phobia of  Snowfolks got worst..I started hearing voices " We Love snowman", they are  "So-o-o Cute". Then came the voices that said what is wrong with you that you don't like snow people! They even appeared in my dreams..or should I say nightmares.

So a few months ago I decide that I must get over my phobia against this little folks and embrace them. I sat down in my studio with pencil in hand and started to draw snowfolks. Ok, they are Cute and Fun. I finally looked at them in a enlighten way and thought some of these drawings are really cute.

So over the next day or so,  I will be sharing with you some of my Snow Folks creations.

Here is one of my favorites, It is Ole Peppermint Mountain, it reminds of everything good as a kid, playing in the snow, coming inside inside for a nice sweet treat and sitting down to play a game of Candy Land. 

Remember as a kid, it was still dark outside, and you were listening to the radio for school closings? The wait for the school name was painful..especially since for me it was the next to the last one on the alpabetically list. Yes, Windsor Central Schools fell at the very end of closing. I would be dancing in my room and then jump right back into bed, till day light arrived. Then I would off to put on my snow suit and go outside and make not snow people, but snow cats. LOL
 "Frosty Snow Days"Punchneedle, is in honor of young and old looking for that day off, to go play, drink hot cococa with mini marshmallows and curl up with a good book.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Adventures Punchneedle

This piece was inspired by my feline buddy Moda or affectionately known as MOMO. You will find her sprawled across the couch just like I designed her on the pumpkin...always hugging something or someone. Yep, she is always a tired baby...but then this spring she did have 5 wonderful babies..just exhusted her right out. This is a fun project to work on...and could easily be mounted on slate or a an old box filled with Halloween Candy. Just one of my favorite pieces that I hope you find inspiring to do. See our fine retail stores for this pattern.

Spooky Halloween Wool Applique Garland

How much fun you will have stitchen  this Halloween Garland. Spooky Cats, Bats and Pumpkins adorn this garland. You could also do as individual pieces and hang on a narly branch or black feather tree. 

New Punchneedle Patterns

Just in time for fall punching  we have released two new punchedneedle patterns. The first is Golden Oak in fall colors. A more simplistic approach highlighting the distinct form of the leaves and acorns. A great project piece for a beginner, and a breeze for the more experience. A simple piece that will be a striking element for any decor.

Our second release is Feeding Frenzy that will win the hearts of all Bird Watchers. Nuthatches and Morning Doves enjoying a morning snack at the feeder. Lots of muted colors, with tons of detail for the more experienced Punchneedler. We mounted this piece on a ole piece of log to give it a more rustic look.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Congratulations to....

on their Grand Re Opening of the Store 135 West Main Street, Morristown, Tennesse and expanded online store. I am pleased to be part of ths event as the Featured Artsit. MMIJA carries my full line of Wool Applique, Penny Rugs and Punchneedle Patterns.

You may also shop
 of Harpursville NY
for my full line of Patterns. Check out my list of stores to link to these websites.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hugs From Santa Wool Applique Pattern

Now who wouldn't love a big ole hug from Santa. The patterns offers instructions on how to make it as a pillow or wall hanging. This wool applique pattern is layered with a mix of textured and hand dyed wools. Just for fun I used a Trapunto Technique on his face and beard. Using quilt batting under each element on his  face I was able to create a dimensional look from fat little rosy cheeks to lightly sculptured nose. Just a fun piece that will delight the hearts of young and old.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Christmas Rose Wool Applique Collection

I am pleased to present a year long design project, that started as just a single piece Wool Applique in the Christmas Rose Collection to a collection of 4 matching pieces. The collection includes a Giving Horn that is just perfect to fill with small gift items or candy's to give party favors to hang on the Christmas Tree. I just loved the three dimensional rose and combination of embroidered vines and leaves that I had to then design a stocking to match. No, holiday candle should not be without a lovely mat to showcase the holiday glow. Finally, where do you save all those lovely cards and notes in one place...but to have a basket to hang on the wall or a door knob. This collection was done with rich hand dyed wools, layering of of the flower petals to give it a textural and almost life like look to the flowers.  

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